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The Chinese X2000 "Xinshisu" train at Swedish railway museum.

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The Chinese X2000 "Xinshisu" train at Swedish railway museum.

storyThis is the only X2000-train which was exported. The train was exported to China, and was used on the Guangshen Railway. The Chinese named the train to Xinshisu which means new speed. When the train came to China in 1998, was Swedish train drivers from SJ (Swedish State Railways) there and trained the Chinese train drivers how to manage the train.
The train was used on the Guangshen Railway until 2007 when the train was taken out of service. SJ AB bought the train in 2012 and the train was shipped back home to Sweden. SJ AB plans to refurbish the train and put it into service here in Sweden.
The picture is taken on the the Swedish railway museum where they showed the control car from the Chinese X2000-train to the public for a short time.
SJ AB will also start to refurbish the whole X2000/SJ 2000 fleet during 2016.
Here is a picture of the X2000 train in China, when it is still was used in traffic there. http://www.railpictures.net/images/d1/2/3/....1161691200.jpg
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