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Weed killing train at Subotica.

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©  Jun 16, 2010





Canon EOS 40D

Exposure: 1/200
Aperture: f/9.1
Focal length: 53 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 15:17

Weed killing train at Subotica.

storyThis is one of the rarer EMD design locos. It is the Model type G22U6 1120kW A1A-A1A license-built by Macosa-GM in Spain - builder's number 712448/1443 built 8/73. Originally used on secondary passenger and commuter trains.
These were fitted with steam generators in the short hood end for train heating and the distinctive divided under-frame tanks can be seen here. One for diesel fuel oil and one for water for the sg boiler.
Also on the A1A bogie trucks it can be seen that the center non-driven carrying wheels are smaller in diameter to that of the motored outer driving axles.
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