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FGW re-furbished HST coaches Barclays Kilmarnock - Laira

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©  Apr 5, 2014





Canon EOS 7D

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/7.1
Focal length: 40 mm
ISO: 1000
Time: 15:42

FGW re-furbished HST coaches Barclays Kilmarnock - Laira

storyFirst Great Western are having a number of the HST coaches re-furbished to increase the number of seats per train. Which involves converting both buffet and 1st class coaches to 2nd class seating. This was also the second day that the Dawlish line was open after the closure for two months due to the storm damage to the line. https://www.flickr.com/photos/rmrayn..KGvRu
Laira being at Plymonth and on the cutoff side of the closure
Is this being done so Reading commuters have a seat? Or is removing catering provision so called private sector innovation ? Some people may call me a bitter old trainspotter but I believe that FGW have killed off the best way to travel.. By MK3 coach.
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