DRGW GP9 5911flagPueblo CO Pueblo

DRGW 5911 switches the yard at Pueblo.

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©  Mar 14, 1982





DRGW 5911 switches the yard at Pueblo.

Beautiful locomotive. It would be interesting to get acquainted with American technic. We dont have such a diversity of locomotives.
@APro - Thanks for your comment. This loco was built in 1955 or 56, and easily lasted 30 years, but has probably long since been scrapped. The fact is, we don't build locos like these any more because they would not be able to carry all the EPA-mandated pollution-control hardware within the hood. Many second-generation locos are being rebuilt with more up-to-date wiring and such, but this one was considered a first-generation loco, and the big railroads purged most of them from their rosters in the 80s and 90s. There are still a few to be found here and there, but not on the likes of UP, BNSF, NS, etc. Unfortunately, there are all too few different loco models these days, and too few railroads in the US as well. Everything looks the same here now, so it is good to visit Trainspo and see some real variety emojione
It is very interesting. It's just that I still work with machines almost the same age now that this photo))) http://trainpix.org/photo/00/20/19/..1.jpg
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