DBSUK 67 67026flagExminster Exminster

67026+67006 1Z11 0943 London Victoria ~ Truro, VSOE

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©  Apr 26, 2013






Exposure: 10/12500
Focal length: 44 mm
ISO: 250
Time: 15:21

67026+67006 1Z11 0943 London Victoria ~ Truro, VSOE

Nice image! This area looks like eastern Kansas or western Missouri, USA. That could just as easily be a BNSF double-stack heading to Chicago!
Glad you like the shot, its about 5 miles from the centre of Exeter, and used to be a much wider shot! Until the trees grew up, and the vegetation ran wild!
Same situation here. US railroads (at least the western ones) used to maintain their right-of-way, keeping the vegetation away from the roadbed by as much as fifty feet on either side. In the last twenty years, however, that practice has largely been abandoned as too costly, and many routes are nothing but tree tunnels for miles on end. Harrumph!
Very nice shot
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