LDZ 2TE10M 3425flagDaugavpils Daugavpils

Freight arriving from Krustpils

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©  Jul 27, 2014






Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 200 mm
ISO: 250
Time: 08:51

Freight arriving from Krustpils

Excellent view and beautiful track!
Thank you! Daugavpils is perfect spot for railfans - busy railway junction. Also locomotives from three different countries can be seen there.
Or even more. Don't forget there might be seen some locomotives near DLRZ.
Yes this is true. Daugavpils Locomotive Repair Plant services whole 1520mm market, locomotives from all over ex soviet countries can be seen there. But with freight and passenger trains there are locos from Belarus and Lithuania in addition to Latvian ones. But there are rumors that train Vilnius-St.Petersburg will be discontinued next year, can you comment on that?
Train Vilnius - St.Peterburg will be declined next year. It might happen since May.
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