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AMTK 235 leads #4 eastward with four express boxcars up front.

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©  Nov 18, 1989





Scanned with a SprintScan 4000

AMTK 235 leads #4 eastward with four express boxcars up front.

storyThis photo displays several elements of transition, starting with the locomotives. The lead unit, an EMD product, by this time has served Amtrak for nearly 15 years and is being assisted by a newer model built by GE. The four express boxcars were an experiment that ultimately ended due to corporate jealousy - Amtrak is mostly a tenant on freight lines, which saw the revenue generated by the express cars as direct competition. Particularly a problem when it is understood that Amtrak trains are often given higher priority than most freights on any given railroad. The first passenger car in the string is an older Santa Fe Hi-Level car built in the 50's for the El Capitan passenger trains. As of 2014, the locos, express cars and ex-Santa Fe Hi-Level cars are gone, as is the tiny grain elevator to the right. Amtrak now employs two GE P42DC locos on this train, the Southwest Chief, with either seven or eight SuperLiner cars in tow, depending on ridership. The yellow "75" sign at left is a speed restriction (in MPH) for an upcoming curve for any train authorized to go faster, which could only be Amtrak on the ATSF at the time.
Very interesting Keith, good picture too!
Not only a fine pic, but a fascinating 'potted history'. What a great post; thanks for sharing!
Nice shot and description. Thanks.
Thank you, everyone!
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