UP DDA40X 6936flagKansas City KS Kansas City

UP 6936 crosses the Kansas River en route to Omaha.

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©  Apr 14, 1995





Scanned with a SprintScan 4000

UP 6936 crosses the Kansas River en route to Omaha.

storyThis is UP's last operational Centennial (DDA40X), usually reserved for company excursion service. Occasionally, however, it is employed on freight trains as seen here. The 6936 boasts many more horsepower than both trailing units combined! Kansas City, Missouri, looms in the background, with the Missouri River visible at upper left. The Kansas River meets the Missouri River here. The tallest building in the center is One Kansas City Place, the tallest office building in the state of Missouri. The four white spires at upper right are part of the Bartle Convention Center and support many cables for the roof of the structure. At lower left, the William S. Mitchell, a side-wheel dredge built for the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1934, lies docked in the river on display.
Very interesting, as usual!
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