CFM D1 708flagBender II Bender II

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©  Jun 8, 2015





Canon EOS 600D

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 35 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 10:32

No description

storyThe picture is taken in part of Bender II station, which is controlled by Moldovan authorities. This platform and temporary depot (right from the picture) were built after Moldova and Transnistrian separatists conflict into Moldovan-controlled territory of Bender II station. Bender depot and Bender II station platforms were left into Transnistrian controlled territory, thus CFM can't use them. Rest (bigger part) of Bender II station's territory is controlled by breakaway Transnistrian authorities. Interesting fact - whole station with its signals and junctions is railway-technically still controlled by one person sitting in Transnistrian-controlled part of station.
The passenger train in the picture is suburban No 6002 just arrived from Chisinau.
The shunter in the left is CFM CME3-4917 performing shunting works in Bender II station at the same time moving from Transnistrian controlled territory into Moldovan controlled territory and vice versa.
Very nice story! I heard about the ”one-man” who controls the station. Two years ago, modernized Ganz Mavag D1M has not been accepted for passing to Ukraine because of the ”European look” of the train.
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