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BNSF 2784 leads a light power move over the Hannibal Bridge

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Exposure: 10/20000
Aperture: f/9
Focal length: 26 mm
ISO: 800
Time: 13:28

BNSF 2784 leads a light power move over the Hannibal Bridge

storyThe Hannibal Bridge over the Missouri River was completed in 1917, and was the second rail bridge to be built at this location, the first having been constructed in 1869. The bridge pictured above had a second deck for automobiles and trucks which was the sole means of crossing the river when built. In 1956 the Broadway Bridge opened (from which this photo was made), allowing the upper deck of the Hannibal to be removed. Today, BNSF Railway owns and operates the Hannibal Bridge, which hosts dozens of train movements in any 24-hour period. To the left of the photo is BNSF Murray Yard and North Kansas City, and to the right, downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Missouri River is one of the fastest navigable streams in the world, flowing at an average speed of 3-7 mph, depending upon the season. Though river commerce is down from levels in years past, typical commodities shipped by barge are grains, sand and gravel.
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