LIRC GP38-3 2006flagKansas City MO Kansas City

LIRC 2006 sits outside the fence, awaiting delivery to LIRC.

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Exposure: 10/16000
Aperture: f/10
Focal length: 26 mm
ISO: 800
Time: 14:20

LIRC 2006 sits outside the fence, awaiting delivery to LIRC.

Awesome livery
This railroad operates on a portion of the original Pennsylvania Railroad, and thus the PRR-inspired paint scheme. It's especially nice to see something different when the big railroads have so many thousands of the same units infesting the rails...emojione
Any report on whether any of the LIRC engines have left KC yet?
Also, do you have a status on CSS 2008?

@ww9a - LIRC 2006 was outside the fence with a delivery destination taped inside the cab window, so it has most likely been picked up by now. Do not know for sure. Last I saw of CSS unit was inside the fence, but do not know its status. I only get over there occasionally.
@ww9a - as of 9/18, these two units are at NS Avondale Yard in NKCMO, awaiting movement east. No idea why it took so long to travel 6000 feet (straight-line distance across Missouri River from Mid America Car).
@Maersk.146, Thanks for the update!
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