BNSF ET44C4 3850flagBosworth MO Bosworth

BNSF 3850 East sails downgrade toward the Grand River.

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©  Oct 10, 2015






Exposure: 10/20000
Aperture: f/11
Focal length: 310 mm
ISO: 1600
Time: 08:57

BNSF 3850 East sails downgrade toward the Grand River.

You've got always very shiny locomotives emojione Gorgeous!
This is brand new loco emojione
Thanks Jayasankar and Federico! Yes, RL, these sparkling new 3850's were a surprise - I thought BNSF was still working on filling the 3911-3961 + 3967-3999 groups. Always nice to see new power, even if it is a GE! 😉
So is there any real benefit of having 4 powered axels instead of six?
The main reason is to save on maintenance and replacement costs for traction motors. Also, anti-wheel-slip technology is apparently advanced enough to eliminate the need to spread out all the horsepower to six axles to be effective. ATSF used to be a heavy user of four-axle locos on their premium trains, and since neither major builder offers four-axle locos anymore due to the space requirements of all that EPA emissions reduction equipment, this may also be a way to have some of the benefit of a four axle unit. It's a theory, at least.
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