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Os 4816

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©  Oct 13, 2015





Os 4816

storyLast few years are significant for massive relocation of ČD original 754 Gogglers in-beetween of depots. This 754.019-8 was originally located in Plzeň, for example. However it might be confusing for engineers and service workers, everybody is happy to have some "classics" in the house, so nobody has to be affraid of the lack of care, as you might see on this picture, where polished locomotive operates passenger train from Brno to Jihlava.

It's not regular service, but if you have contacts and you feel the weather will be good, everything is possible 😁
Very nice pic ... In the next i must go fotographing the last BDs in this color scheme 😮 Bleskovka 754 019 is this time Dislokated in Brno? The Red Bleskovka i have last werk seen in Bohumin.
@trainspotter You mean 049?
Yes, it was moved to Bohumin.
jop Martin thats i mean 😄
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