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Intercity train Vigo - Bilbao in its last kilometers

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Intercity train Vigo - Bilbao in its last kilometers

There's something rather sad about an intercity "train" with one carriage.
@squizzler in the reverse service, they add about 5-7 cars in Miranda de Ebro
@squizzler Intercity "Camino de Santiago" how it's know this service it's usually formed by one car Bilbao-Vigo (and return) and other 4-5 cars Irún-A Coruña (and return) which are coupled together in Miranda de Ebro and uncoupled at Monforte de Lemos (the inverse operation is done returning to Bilbao and Irún), despite this train usually increases its carriage number during high season and peak times (like Easter or Christmas) carrying 2-3 coaches from Bilbao and other 6-7 from Irún.
It's one of the last two trains with coaches.
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