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UP 4449 east - snow bus train had caboose UPP 430 after blizzard

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Exposure: 1/1000
Aperture: f/22
Focal length: 190 mm
ISO: 640
Time: 13:50

UP 4449 east - snow bus train had caboose UPP 430 after blizzard

storyUP snow bus action with Union Pacific 4449, SD70M; The 16-17 November 2015 blizzard that swept across eastern Colorado prompted Union Pacific to send their snow bus (two locomotives bracketing a caboose) out onto the Limon Subdivision. UP 4449, SD70M, UPP 430, caboose, and UP 9486, C41-8W, made up the snow bus train near Strasburg, CO, 17 November 2015. I-70 was closed when UP 4449 East passed Airpark Road where Colorado Department of Transportation closed the interstate and turned around cars until 3:30 PM that afternoon. Interstate was still closed Burlington, CO, to Kansas until early 18 November.
So whom does the snow bus transport? Crew replacements only or stranded motorists, too?
Crew replacements are carried on the snow bus. Train was going to pick up crew(s) at Sharon Springs, Kansas, but events changed. Snow bus returned to Denver getting no further east than Limon, CO.
Thanks for the info, COZ!
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