UP AC4400CW 7137flagGrand Island NE Grand Island

UP 7137 West hauls coal empties with a BN coalie overhead.

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©  Oct 3, 1998





Scanned with a LS-8000

UP 7137 West hauls coal empties with a BN coalie overhead.

Your pictures always have very good colors and they are perfect examples of a good quality slide shots. What film did you use - Kodachrome? What camera did u use?
Thank you, Kees! 😄 Yes, mostly Kodachrome. This was done with a Nikon N90 film camera, a 70-210mm zoom lens and Kodachrome 64. Much of the secret to my photos, however, is in the scanning, followed by processing with Photoshop - cropping, sharpening and color-correcting. 99% of my images require some level of post-processing, either to improve framing or bring back faded colors. I do like to increase vibrance and saturation to counteract certain atmospheric conditions, if possible. No one wants to look at boring, washed-out images from slides that often do not portray colors as they really were. Also, my photographic skills back in film days were limited, at best, so it is pretty exciting to be able to bring my images from those years back to life with today's technology. I am honored that you are enjoying them, and very much appreciate your comments!
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