ATIB 335 335.020flagParamos Paramos

Special steel transportation train

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©  May 3, 2016






Exposure: 10/6400
Focal length: 70 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 16:42

Special steel transportation train

Sorry but this locomotive is currently operated by Spanish operator COMSA, Alpha Trains it's only the enterprise that rents out their locomotives, but it's not the operator in any case. 😉
I know, but the locomotive owner is Alpha Trains and because of that I selected this company in Trainspo. Is like Comsa locomotives running in Portugal, they run by Takargo but are owned by Comsa. And in this case the operator doing the train is not Comsa, is Takargo. There are no service from Comsa inside Portugal at this time, by some legal questions.
@ililo23 I tried to edit the photo to change the operator to Takargo but Trainspo do not allow it. 😞
@joaojoaquim I know what you mean but between Takargo and COMSA there's an joint venture named as Ibercargo Rail, what makes the traffics between COMSA an Takargo to be the same. From my point of view the operator should be the one who owns the locomotive at that moment or for whom it's operating. If you want to change the operator try to send a report. 😀
@ililo23 The solution would be Ibercargo been an operator instead Comsa or Takargo. 😄
In Comsa locomotives running in Portugal I like to keep they owner in the operator, so for 335.020 I will do the same. And for 335.021 the operator will be Takargo, this locomotive is been rent by the Portuguese operator.
@joaojoaquim Exactly!! 335.020 COMSA and 335.021 Takargo. 😋
I think that Alpha trains locomotive owner it's fine. The only thing different is that Comsa/Takargo is hiring its locomotives 😉
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