IR WDG-4 12052flagMonkey Hill Mahārāshtra Monkey Hill

Ahmedabad to Yeshvantpur Garib Rath special through tunnel.

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Ahmedabad to Yeshvantpur Garib Rath special through tunnel.

Those are some very steep tracks on the left!
@Maersk.146 Those are catch siding tracks especially prepared to restrict run away train in case of emergency. Hence the steep slope. And fellow railfan Ronald Kappel is seen waving to the friendly loco-pilot.
@lalam Thanks for the info, Lalam! Is there always someone on duty to route trains up the hill if needed, or is it all automatic?
Bhor ghat is one of the steepest rail route on Indian Railway network with maximum ruling gradient of 1 in 37. There is a cabin with on duty personnel 24X7 keeping watch on all trains going up and down the gradient. It is not automatic but cabin crew can chane the points if needed. Most of the trains going down the gradient towards Mumbai have a mandatory brake testing halt near the cabin. Fortunately we haven't had to use these catch siding tracks till dates.
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