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Herbicide train waiting in Salamanca

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©  Jun 15, 2017






Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal length: 42 mm
ISO: 125
Time: 20:43

Herbicide train waiting in Salamanca

Oh, how his vandals spoiled... The vehicle is not protected?
@white.dead This train works during the day, sometimes it sleeps on unprotected places that it can be easily spoiled... Another problem is that in Spain the vandalism on trains is increaing a lot...
And the guards are on station areas? In Russia we have a lot of guards at the stations. I haven't seen a valid locomotive was attacked by vandals. We have another problem. Vandals can to stop EMU train and the whole crowd start to smash it.The driver can not do anything. They hold the brake. Will paint all 12 cars, blow lamps and passengers will not hesitate. Here's an example
@white.dead Here only one or two guards and only in important stations. Here they can stop EMUs too.
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