CR GG1 4806flagColonia NJ Colonia

Conrail 4806-4865 south bound CRWA-7, Colonia, NJ.

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Conrail 4806-4865 south bound CRWA-7, Colonia, NJ.

Can you tell more about GG1 nicknames ? emojione
storyThey where just called the G's. The GG-1 was designed by industrial designer Raymond Loewy, and one of his favorite designs. http://raymondloewy.com/ He designed several locomotives in the steam era for many North East railroads, New York Central, Lehigh Valley. The first GG-1, #4800, the body was intirely rivited and was built in the Baldwin Locomotive tender shop. The frames on the GG-1 where cast. I'm later years, and after millions of miles, the frames started to crack. When that happened, there was no choice but to retire, and scrap the locomotive. I am not sure, but I think there is 16 of them saved...
Fantastic document....
Great photo
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