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Klondike Kate 4, ex-Klondike Mines Railway 4 Baldwin, operating!

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Exposure: 1/80
Aperture: f/20
Focal length: 30 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 11:16

Klondike Kate 4, ex-Klondike Mines Railway 4 Baldwin, operating!

storySouth Park Rail Society Klondike Kate 4 operating! Number 4 ex-Klondike Mines Railway, Baldwin 2-6-2 built 1912 viewed from turntable. Denver, South Park & Pacific Railway reached Como, Colorado, in 1879. Steam returned 19 August 2017. Steamed up wood burner is owned by Dr. Chuck Brantigan and his wife Kathy. #4 nicknamed 'Klondike Kate' by Kathy Brantigan. New cab panels in place and new pilot beam installed. Adding a little bit authenticity, Klondike Kate 4 had an original Colorado & Southern locomotive whistle installed originally worn by Colorado & Southern 74. The whistle’s current owner graciously loaned Klondike Kate 4 the whistle for the day! First steam locomotive to return to Como in 79 years. Boreas Pass Railroad Day
How much trackage is operable there? Looks like a neat project!
Very little trackage as of August 2017. Maybe 1/4 a mile. Track extends from roundhouse to depot. Plans next year call for more track and a water tank.
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