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Built in 1962, the Timis1 nr.71 in the Corneliu Miklosi Museum

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Exposure: 1/100
Aperture: f/1.9
Focal length: 3.7 mm
ISO: 64
Time: 18:58

Built in 1962, the Timis1 nr.71 in the Corneliu Miklosi Museum

Under the I.C.O.T. (Timişoara Communal Enterprise) a new concept was designed and executed after the Pionier wagons. The workshop project was a two-axle wagon built and upgraded from the old wagons of the Hungarian domination even though this wagon could be built from scratch. The name of the wagon was inspired by Timiş County, the 1 st series, became Timiş 1, coded by ICOT in T1-62, being manufactured since 1962. Its design was based on the experiences of the transportation of trams from the country and abroad, in order to obtain modern and decent conditions for the traveling public. It was designed to run both solo and trailer, having superior features, being improved over the wagons in circulation at that time. It was also designed a trailer wagon identical to the motor wagon with the same technical characteristics for the birth of the Timis-type tram 1. In total, there were 9 Timis 1 units.

Characteristics Timis1 engine wagons:
- length between buffers - 10300 mm;
- width - 2290 mm;
- axle spacing - 3600 mm;

Please share link to the builder details
@ter Here is the link to the official RATT forum , It was build in their own workshop
@pitcristian ok, thanks.
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