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Electroputere Tram V-54 in Corneliu Mikosi Museum

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Exposure: 1/100
Aperture: f/1.9
Focal length: 3.7 mm
ISO: 64
Time: 18:59

Electroputere Tram V-54 in Corneliu Mikosi Museum

The Electroputere Craiova plant has contributed since the 1950s to the completion of the Romanian tram park with high capacity vehicles.
Electroputere Craiova produced 266 such waggons, called Electroputere V-54, or short EP V-54, in the second half of the 1950s (1955-1959), specifying the model series designed in 1954. In the country the cities that were equipped with such vehicles were: Bucharest, Oradea and Timisoara. For Oradea and Timisoara there was a voltage of 600 V and for Bucharest at 750 V voltage. The transport companies in these cities had to repair their manufacturing faults before putting them into circulation. The continuous increase of the number of inhabitants of the city on the one hand and the opening of new tramlines on the other hand naturally imposed the increase of the tram park.

Characteristics of motor wagons type Electroputere V-54
- total length (without buffers) - 14200 mm;
- total width - 2292 mm;
- the maximum height from the track head to the roof - 3120 mm;
- the distance between bogie pivots - 6010 mm;
- bogie wheelbase - 1800 mm;
- gauge - 1435 mm;
- its own weight - 18000 kg;
- free floor area - 17500 sqm;
- number of seats - 22;
- Total capacity with 5 passengers per sq m - 131 passengers;
- number and power of the engines - 4 x 36 kW;
- Order type: direct control, EP controller with 12 contacts at start and 7 with rheostatic braking;
- pneumatic and rheostatic braking system.

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