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Horse power tram in the Corneliu Miklosi Museum

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Exposure: 1/100
Aperture: f/1.9
Focal length: 3.7 mm
ISO: 50
Time: 18:55

Horse power tram in the Corneliu Miklosi Museum

The horse drawn wagons represent the first form of tram in Timisoara. The first 21 wagons hauled for passenger transport were bought in four lots in 1869 at the Wagon Factory in Vienna (Kach Landesbefugte Maschinenfabrik und Wagenbauenstalt Johann Spiering, alternate Spiering Wagen- und Straßenbahn-Bau-Unternehmung):
- 30.04.1869 - 5 pcs .;
- 30.06.1869 - 6 pcs .;
- 12.11.1869 - 4 pcs .;
- 27.12.1869 - 6 pcs.

The wagon box and trick was made of wood, the links made through iron horns, and the suspension made of steel sheet springs. Both platforms were open, there was a lever-hand brake. The sabers were made of wood, applying one on each wheel to the inside between the axles. The wagon lights were made by oil lamps applied to the ceiling at both ends of the wagon. In the depot, at night, the lamps were pulled out of the wagons.

Characteristics of horse drawn wagons:
- the length of the wagon box - 4300 mm;
- width - 1900 mm;
- platform length - 770 mm;
- platform width - 1260 mm;
- step width - 320 mm;
- axle spacing - 1900 mm;
- seating - 16.

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