Original Henschel Kassel built snow-plow in winter tests

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©  Oct 27, 2017






Exposure: 2714000/1000000000
Aperture: f/2
Focal length: 3.79 mm
ISO: 50
Time: 13:45

Original Henschel Kassel built snow-plow in winter tests

Romanian Railways have been stunned by bad weather until the first days of its existence, so this special winter vehicles have a certain history. For example, the rotative-hydraulic plow numbered PH-04 it is the one of the 5 plows bought by CFR from German builder, Henschel & Sohn. They are equipped with a Daimler-Benz MB 820 Bb which develops 950 CP, maximum speed being 60 km/h. Another 11 plows had been built after German license by ”Uzinele Faur 23 August București”, every principal depot being equipped by these special machines. In this photo, PH-04 goes for ”winter testing protocol” in prepare of harsh winter which is announced to be in 2017-2018...
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