FS E402B 146flagPontecurone Piedmont Pontecurone

From Russia with love...

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©  Dec 23, 2017





Canon EOS 1000D

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/9.1
Focal length: 42 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 13:04

From Russia with love...

Good movie! emojione And photo, also...
@TrainsInRomania Thank so much!!! 😉
storyTransit in Italian land of the Russian train Moscow - Nice. The E402B.146 is driving what in Italy follows the Brennero - Ventimiglia track. Classified as EXP13017, the convoy consist of two WLSRmee sleeping car and seven of WLABmz and WLABmee of the RZD plus a WRmnouz restaurant car of the PKP. Here the train is running in the Alessandrian countryside near Tortona
Interesting! Where are the cars regauged?
@Maersk.146 The change of gauge, if I'm not mistaken, takes place on the border between Belarus and Poland, where the Russian restaurant carriage with a Polish one is also replaced, as the Russian carriages exceed the height of the European limits.
@bebo Thanks for the info!
@bebo Right, cars are regauged in Brest. The procedure takes about two hours.
Honestly, I'm surprised the train is that long. Ticket price is similar to airfare, or even higher, but it looks like it's still popular.
@YuriZhuck ...plus there is the charm of traveling by rail! 😉
wow super
@Karl70 😀
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