BNSF B40-8W 558flagBirmingham MO Birmingham

BNSF 558 East waits for a signal on CP/UP trackage.

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Exposure: 10/16000
Aperture: f/9
Focal length: 170 mm
ISO: 800
Time: 11:27

BNSF 558 East waits for a signal on CP/UP trackage.

Unusual power in an unexpected place. These B40-8W units have not been commonly seen in Kansas City for quite a while, so to have one show up on a BNSF train here was an added treat. Possibly a very rare detour.
@Maersk.146 This was CP Train 2-475-27. Canadian Pacific "stole" BNSF's transfer power that morning. It wound up making a circuitous tour of the upper midwest before coming home. A friend and I chased this up to Braymer.
@uptrain Thanks for that info! I've seen at least one other BNSF-powered train on this segment and wondered if they had some new arrangement with CP, or even that they were turning onto the Brookfield Sub at the crossing (neither was moving, so I did not see where they went).
Yeah this was a pretty weird deal. They've only done this a couple times in recent years. This particular day the Argentine-Knoche transfer was all CP cars, so the CP just put a crew on it and sent it north.

Go find 558 sometime soon. Somebody touched it up. Red door, silver plow, no primer anymore.
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