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Bernina crocodile in the french jungle

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Bernina crocodile in the french jungle

storyThe story behind:
1977, the 182 was withdrawn from the service and on display in the swiss transportation museum in Luzern until November 1978. The Loco returned to Landquart and was parked until 1984. It was the sold to a private person and parked in Saint-Georges-de-Commiers at the chemin de fer de la Mure. The 182 never belonged to SGLMG, therefore the company did not see any need to protect the Loco. During the outdoor stay until 1999, the Loco was heavily damaged and was believed to be scrapped. In 1999, a few men (private and RhB staff) organised the transport back to Switzerland (Landquart). During the next ten years, the 182 did undergo a long and intensive overhaul. On May 28th, 2010, the Loco moved for the firsat time by own power and since June 2010, it is now part of the historical fleet.

A very detailed history about the complete Bernina Branch of the RhB can be found here (sorry, only german):
Dear Editors:
Of course the vehicle is not complete visible due to the fact, that the Loco was not moved for more than a century and therefore the plants grew all around.

If only "high glossy" pictures of trains are welcome, then this one is definitely not worth to display, but it belongs to the history of this unique vehicle and the fact, that it was almost lost.

I'm getting slowly fed up with comments like "bad framing/cropping", especially as nobody was able to tell me, what's exactly behind this comment and you don't know the situation on which I took the actual picture.
I like your comment to the Editors and I share your opinion.
Some more informations regarding the transport back to Switzerland.
The whole site is extremely detailed and contains informations about almost every single coach and details about the line:
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