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Rh1142.694+Rh1144.265 descending the Marvellous Semmering

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©  Dec 2, 2017





Canon EOS 7D

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/6.4
Focal length: 32 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 09:36

Rh1142.694+Rh1144.265 descending the Marvellous Semmering

storyThe 50 years old machines of the 1042-series and the modernized 1142-series were still unreplaceable on the Austrian Railways. Its simple electrics and robust mechanics made these locomotives practically undestructible. Some of them were put back into service after withdrawal because of their reliability and the curious fact that they are cheaper in maintenance that their sisters of the 1044/1144-series.
They were used in light passenger service and mixed freight services within Austria. They can be found on the Salzkammergutbahn, The Phyrnbahn and, of course, the first alpine railway pass: The Semmeringbahn. The Machines are fully compatible for mixed traction, combinations between 1142+1144 and 1142+1116/1016 are possible. In this picture the 1142.694 and the 1144.265 are descending the eastern ramp with a mixed freight to Wien.
Excellent scene!
Congrats on your Picture of the Week, Federico!
😍 😍 nice pic i like this spot but to come to this place you must go on the RAILS and this is very dangerous! Thats is this problem !😡 😡 😡
@trainspotter You surely wanted to made a response on the comment i made on this picture of yours: https://trainspo.com/photo/93288/
Well, i must admit that this isn't the easiest spot to reach, But you can reach it walking on a small footpath from the Station of Breitenstein, but never trespassing rails. I am aware of every situation and i know how the railway system works, especially in Europe.
The difference lies in the choice of the right place where you stay: it should not not influence the safety and security measures of the Railway. In this picture i stood on a concrete basement 3 meters away from the rails. This is within the minimum safe distance a.k.a normal clearance zone (Lichtraumprofil in German) stated by the Railway Safety Administration (Eisenbahn Bau-und-betriebs-Ordnung - EBO).
In your case it was clearly exceeded and as i already told you, It is a violation of the railway safety measures. You were lucky nobody called the police. You can be complained due to dangerous intervention in the rail traffic (In German: "Anzeige wegen gefährlichen Eingriff in den Bahnverkehr"). So it is your responsibility to take these pictures and put you, the train driver and the entire railway network at risk.
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