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VENAD Express with surprise power, ERNAKULAM WDG-3A

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©  Sep 9, 2018





Canon EOS 1200D

Exposure: 1/500
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 55 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 14:46

VENAD Express with surprise power, ERNAKULAM WDG-3A

Venad Express, only passenger train with this unique livery known as Model Rake leaving Shoranur Jn bound for Thiruvananthapuram Central. First phase of the run from Shoranur Jn to Ernakulam Jn is now with diesel power but earlier it was with electric power. From Erankulam Jn to Thiruvananthapuram Central it is electric power. On the same day, I travelled in this train from Thiruvananthapuram Central to Shoranur Jn to have a trainspotting session at this location. The train starts from Thiruvananthapauram Central by 05.00AM and reaches by 01.00pm at Shoranur Jn. It is was a lucky trainspotting day for me, from this location which was in my mind for years.
Am really enjoying your river bridge scenes!
@Maersk.146 Thank you sir...
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