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Os 7420 from Vejprnice to Domazlice

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©  May 5, 2018





Canon EOS 6D

Exposure: 1/1000
Aperture: f/7.1
Focal length: 38 mm
ISO: 250
Time: 17:23

Os 7420 from Vejprnice to Domazlice

This locomotive had an accident a few days ago. A crash with a tree on the track (after storm):
Thank you for this bad information, the front is well destroyed. I hope the locomotive is not too damaged and can be repaired to run again.It has a nice paint scheme.
Hopefully the driver was able to find a place of relative safety before the tree was struck...
And Congrats, Jean‐Philippe, on your Picture of the Week!
It's too early to assess the damage.

This color scheme was typical of locomotives from the Pilsen depot. Now it's scarce because it introduces to unified look (white, blue).
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