JHMD T47.0 18flagBlazejov Blazejov

Running the 21257 from Nová-Bystřice to Jindřichův-Hradec.

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©  May 6, 2018





Canon EOS 6D

Exposure: 1/1000
Aperture: f/7.1
Focal length: 41 mm
ISO: 250
Time: 16:15

Running the 21257 from Nová-Bystřice to Jindřichův-Hradec.

JHMD is a beautiful railway. Unfortunately, it has recently been degraded by new owners. It's not like before. Very sad.

Nice shot.
Grammatically correct is Nová Bystřice and Jindřichův Hradec.
Thank you Martin. I was deduced by this rural railway, the trains with T47.0 are very funny to photograph.
What to you mean when you write degradations ?

Okay for the accents, with my french keyboard it is not easy to write these accents but I correct it now.
The new owner controls it as a business. Without a heart. There are problems with wage, locomotive maintenance. Ugly rekonstruction ex Polish diesel units ( now gray with round windows) = euro subsidy.
Okay I understand, this is the bad side of the private company...
I didn't know that railcars M27 are a a reconstruction of an old DMU, I just went to see photos of them on trainspo, it's so bad to have destroy this...
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