RZD 2TE10U 0247flagStantsiya Sob' Stantsiya Sob'

2TE10U-0247 diesel locomotive with a service train

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©  Jul 19, 2018





2TE10U-0247 diesel locomotive with a service train

There are not so many places to stay for the night in Polar Ural where the railway Chum – Labytnangi passes the mountains. We stayed at the carriage hostel near Sob' station. There is only few buildings there. We were the only guests in this hostel. Luckily it was open because mostly it's used as an alpine ski spot.

We were walking in the mountains and canyons long after midnight because the sun is not going down here in summer. But we slept late in the morning till two service trains arrived at Sob' station to let the passenger train №210 Labytnangi – Moscow pass. It's hard to miss the alarm clock like 10D100 diesel engine.

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