IR WDM-3A 14074flagKumta Karnātaka Kumta

Humsafar express to Tirunelveli crossing Aghanashini river.

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©  Nov 6, 2018






Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 35 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 02:53

Humsafar express to Tirunelveli crossing Aghanashini river.

Stunning !
Is it this bridge https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/45078254 ? Can you please suggest name for it, to add as a separate geo object?
What is the first wagon behind the loco?
@jmadhavadas Thank you sir
@Akhilsanjeev90 Thank you Akhil..
@ervanofoto This the generator car which supplies electrical power for AC and lights in the carriages
@ter Yes! It is the same bridge as mentioned in that link and this bridge is known as "Aghanashini Railway Bridge".
Here in Europe the power for the carriages is normally supplied by the loco.
@ervanofoto That is known as EOG means End On Generator. That is a generator car which is used to supply electrical power to entire rake. There are two EOG coaches, one at front end and one at rear end.
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