FS D445 1108flagVievola Vievola

Special rescue run for Ventimiglia

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©  Jan 25, 2014





Canon EOS 7D

Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/7
Focal length: 31 mm
ISO: 125
Time: 11:30

Special rescue run for Ventimiglia

storyIt was a rare and unusual rescue run from Torino Smistamento to Ventimiglia to take Intercity coaches back to Milan after the line interruption between Ventimiglia and Genova due to the derailment of the IC660 after a landslide in Andora on Jan 17th, 2014. The D445.1108 took 4 Z1 Coaches on the "Line of Wonders" building a rare opportunity to document an Intercity train on this line. The last scheduled services on this line of this kind of engines was 2012.
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