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Supply of coal for CPCU client...

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©  Nov 30, 2018





Canon EOS 100D

Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/6.4
Focal length: 34 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 15:19

Supply of coal for CPCU client...

storyThis service provides the company CPCU (Compagnie Parisienne des Chauffages Urbains) coal that will be used to heat homes in Paris. There is a round trip every Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first train is the 93537 with a departure at 11.05am from the port of Gennevilliers, with an arrival at Saint-Ouen-les-Docks at 11.22am. He return with the number 93530 which leaves Saint-Ouen-the-Docks at 14:22pm and arrives at the port of Gennevilliers at 14:43pm. The service began in November and ends in March. But when I took the picture that day, the service has changed exceptionally and the train number too. It was train number 456524.
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