Aug 20

Waiting for some train action

maersk.146Nice spot! Where is it?
rl This is Unterterzen, Switzerland
maersk.146Good, seen anything yet?
rl Got great pictures today, when I get back home I will start uploading
maersk.146Looking forward to seeing them!
rl There is train about every 10 minutes on this line. Also you get great variety of trains
rl Thanks, looking forward to share them!
maersk.146Probably needs a six-unit consist of UP SD70ACes in a 3 2 1 DPU arrangement and 200 cars of mixed freight to slow things down a bit 😀!
rl Unfortunately you don’t see this freight madness in Europe... Freight trains here are scarce and very short. And almost exclusively electric. But then you can see neat and fast passenger trains here you don’t see in US. Also in Switzerland there are many very old electric trains and locomotives still running.