Diesel-electric locomotive
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Family: Dash 2
Series: SD40-2
Build: EMD, GMD 1972−1989 (3982)
Top speed: 110 km/h
Gauge: 1435 mm
UIC axles: Co'Co'
Length: 20.98 m
Width: 3.13 m
Height: 4.75 m
Weight: 170 t
Prime mover: EMD 16-645E3
Power output: 2240 kW

flag@private-us SD40-2Private owners group2
flagARZC SD40-2Arizona and California Railroad2
flagATSF SD40-2Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway32
flagAWRR SD40-2Austin Western Railroad1
flagBN SD40-2Burlington Northern63
flagBNSF SD40-2BNSF Railway20
flagBPRR SD40-2Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad1
flagCEFX SD40-2CIT Equipment Finance Corporation2
flagCEFX SD40M-2CIT Equipment Finance Corporation3
flagCITX SD40-2CIT Equipment Finance Corporation7
flagCNW SD40-2Chicago and North Western Transportation Company18
flagCP SD40-2Canadian Pacific Railway31
flagCR SD40-2Conrail: Consolidated Rail Corporation5
flagCRIP SD40-2Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad2
flagCSXT SD40-2CSX Transportation17
flagDAIR SD40-2D and I Railroad1
flagDCR SD40-2Delmarva Central Railroad2
flagDME SD40-3Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad3
flagEFC SD40-2Estrada de Ferro Carajás0
flagFCCA SD40-2Ferrocarril Central Andino1
flagFEC SD40-2Florida East Coast Railway5
flagFURX SD40-2First Union Rail1
flagFWWR SD40-2Fort Worth and Western Railroad0
flagGLLX SD40-2Great Lakes Locomotive1
flagGSCX SD40-2General American Marks Company1
flagHLCX SD40-2Helm Leasing Company3
flagICE SD40-2Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad8
flagINRD SD40-2Indiana Rail Road1
flagIORY SD40-2Indiana and Ohio Railway1
flagISRR SD40-2Indiana Southern Railroad0
flagISRR SD40-2Indiana Southern Railroad3
flagJLCX SD40-2564109 B.C.1
flagKCS SD40-2Kansas City Southern Railway16
flagL&N SD40-2Louisville and Nashville Railroad2
flagMILW SD40-2Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad12
flagMKT SD40-2Missouri-Kansas-Texas5
flagMMID SD40-2Maryland Midland Railway3
flagMMID SD40M-2Maryland Midland Railway1
flagMNA SD40-2Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad1
flagMP SD40-2Missouri Pacific15
flagMRL SD40-2Montana Rail Link1
flagNECR SD40-2New England Central Railroad1
flagNS SD40-2Norfolk Southern Railway15
flagNW SD40-2Norfolk and Western Railway10
flagNYSW SD40-2New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway2
flagOVR SD40-2Ottawa Valley Railway1
flagOVR SD40-2Ottawa Valley Railway0
flagOWTX SD40-2Oneida and Western Railroad1
flagPAR SD40-2Pan Am Railways1
flagPVJR SD40-2Portland Vancouver Junction Railroad1
flagQNSL SD40-2Quebec North Shore and Labrador Railway1
flagRBMN SD40-2Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad4
flagRJCP SD40-2R.J. Corman Railroad/Pennsylvania Lines2
flagSBD SD40-2Seaboard System Railroad2
flagSOO SD40-2Soo Line Railroad5
flagSOU SD40-2Southern Railway3
flagSRR SD40-2Swan Ranch Railroad1
flagTRC SD40-2Trona Railway2
flagUP SD40-2Union Pacific Railroad67
flagUP SD40NUnion Pacific Railroad17
flagUPY SD40NUnion Pacific Yard4
flagWE SD40-2Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway5
flagWRIX SD40-2Western Rail Inc.1
flagWSOR SD40-2Wisconsin and Southern Railroad2



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