NW SD40-2 6186flagKansas City MO Kansas City

NW 6186 leads a transfer to UP Armstrong Yard.

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NW 6186 leads a transfer to UP Armstrong Yard.

storyBoth railroads which had commonly ordered their power with high short hoods are shown here. This was done so that the long hood end could be designated as the front of the locomotive, thus providing the crew with some added structural protection in the event of a wreck or grade crossing accident. It was an extra-cost option, and at some point the loco manufacturers decided to discontinue offering it. In this view, the lead unit has a low short hood, but is still set up for the long hood to be the front. The Southern SD40-2 3231 has a high short hood and is considered to be running in reverse in this consist. New locomotives are no longer available in these configurations.
Great picture and interesting story!
Thanks, William!
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