BLS 193 712flagSomma Lombardo Lombardy Somma Lombardo

Ambrogio to Gallarate

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©  Feb 19, 2020






Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/7.1
Focal length: 44 mm
ISO: 250
Time: 15:03

Ambrogio to Gallarate

This is BLS 193 712, not MIR.
@ddz7504 MRCE is better...🙄 In italy the engine works for Mercitalia Rail.🤷‍♂️
@benf I believe that to be untrue. This locomotive is part of the series that has been hired to BLS, as the stickers say too. The Mercitalia/DB Cargo locomotives are the X4 E 702-710. The 711-717 are hired to BLS and work for Captrain Italia in Italy. Also, the Ambrogio trains seem to be hauled by BLS normally too, so I wouldn't know why that isn't the case here.

MRCE is not better because we use the operator on Trainspo, not the lease company.
@benf It is possible that this train runs under Mercitalia admission in Italy, but the loco would still be BLS since MRCE hires the loco to BLS. For example: BLS and Boxxpress run under IRP admission but the locos are still classed as BLS or Boxxpress.
@ddz7504 And so... the operator in italy is MERCITALIA RAIL! In Swiss BLS ecc ecc
@benf loco operator, not the train operator. The loco is hired to BLS Cargo and nobody else.
@ddz7504 but a lot of loko are sub-hired from company to company... It's unpredictable!
@benf That is not the case here.
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