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Interregional express to Rostov

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Interregional express to Rostov

storyLooking like a spaceship in this area (at least for me who have known it for almost 30 years), RA3 is proceeding slowly along the bay of Yeisk on a hot summer evening.

Due to COVID restrictions affecting international travels and some unfortunate weather striking Russian Black sea resorts this summer, Yeisk with its shallow bay and stable weather has been increasingly attractive this year. To facilitate tourism, RZD decided to re-establish an express service between Rostov and Yeisk. First attempt roughly a decade ago, then serviced by 3 x RA1, was deemed unsuccessful. This time, a shining new RA3 has been allocated to the service. The trainset is equipped with A/C and WC, which is a great step up from RA1 times and surely makes almost 3 hr ride comfortable.

The service runs on weekends only. Timetable is mostly catering for those living in Rostov and wishing to spend a day or two by the sea. Train departs from Rostov at 6.45 am and from Yeisk at 5.45 pm.
That's a beautiful area!
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