Elron 1300 1324flagPaeaeskuela Jaam Paeaeskuela Jaam

1324+1408 before 0542 Pääsküla-Tallinn

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©  May 16, 2022






Exposure: 1/250
Aperture: f/18
Focal length: 35 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 12:23

1324+1408 before 0542 Pääsküla-Tallinn

Reconstruction of Pääsküla station started on 16th of May. This includes refreshing the tracks, upgrading from old relay-based signalling system in use since 1958 to new computer-based system. Track no.4 of the station will be built to full length so it's possible for some reserve trains to depart from there. It is also the first bigger phase of constructing second track to the whole Pääsküla-Keila stretch. Right now about half of the 15 kilometer strech has two tracks. To Laagri and Urda stops, additional waiting platforms have to be built. Also two new bridges being built for the second track, one near Urda stop and the other over Keila river. Due to the beginning of the construction, fewer westbound trains are running on the line so some double EMU's are being put to the service. I had the honour to drive the 3+4 EMU. 🙂
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