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SU45-536 with double decker carriage as regional train to Leszno

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Exposure: 10/6400
Aperture: f/4.9
Focal length: 10.8 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 16:08

SU45-536 with double decker carriage as regional train to Leszno

Diesel engine with passanger train is rater view at this busy line. This winter have been appearing one connection from Poznań Gł. to Leszno leading just diesel engine. Usually it was SU45 class.
I like the cars... in Romania they are called TE (from Tren Etajat = Double-deck train), but are hard to find, because most of the branch lines were closed or rented by private companies that brought their own rolling stock (mostly DMUs).
I also like this cars. 🙂 In Poland they are called Bhp or simply Bipa (old designation). There is one difference between Romanian's and Polish cars. We don't have 1-st class compartment, but only 2-nd class. Romanians 'TE' I had pleasure to see when I was in 2010 in Timisoara 🙂 I will upload photo for a moment. Also in Poland they are pretty rare his time. Only in some lines in north and west Poland you can see it.
We also have some "TE" without first class. Also, our first cars of this type had round ends (see http://transport-in-comun.ro/trenuri/vag-cal/vag_26-17.htm , smaller numbers). Also, in Romania they only work in 4 cars formation (a+c+d+b, a and b are the end cars, c and d the middle cars). We also have a modernised version: http://transport-in-comun.ro/trenuri/vag-cal/vag_26-05.htm (there are 5 TE modernised like this).
We also had type with rounds ends. The last one was 2 cars formation and had disappeared at autumn 2011 as I know. Except most popular 4 cars formation, there were in Poland also 2 and 3 cars formation. This modernized Romanian version looks very good. It's a pity in Poland majority of this car were scrapped, not renewed 😞
The modernised version looks good, but I miss the open windows at the second floor and their cranks (that were ussually missing, so I had to use my square key) 😞 Also, the new seats are "very good": http://transport-in-comun.ro/trenuri/infra/zf2010/IMG_1303.jpg
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