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8101 is pulling passenger cars toward Seoul.

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8101 is pulling passenger cars toward Seoul.

storyThis locomotive is '8101', based on Siemens ES 64. There are only 2 8100 series loco(8101, 8102) in korea because it is prototype for assessing the localized ability of vehicle. The result of test and improved elements are applied to next 8200 series. Because of frequent malfunction 8100 series spend most of their time in the depot. This had given company grest loss, so finally Korail overhauled 8101's units, It rolled out again early in 2014 but 8102 is still in the depot.
8101 is very famous locomotive to Korean railfans, because it is the sole loco which is still keeping korail's old painting(green&yellow).
It is very hard to see the scene of pulling frieght cars with 8100 series.
Thank you for posting this picture. I hope this one and also 8102 is still in use next year...
@PGG Finally 8102 escaped from depot and pulled passenger cars in early december! It is a tiny possibility but I want to see again that 8101+8102 pull the frieght cars like 2008.
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