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Railcar 10 and 16 meet in Linz Urfahr (before rebuilding)

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Railcar 10 and 16 meet in Linz Urfahr (before rebuilding)

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P%C3%B6stlingbergbahn for a good short english description
See http://www.linz.at/english/tourism/1007.asp, the official Linz tourism web page
See http://www.sagen.at/doku/Eisenbahn/Poestlingbergbahn_Linz.html for another view of the little tramway

Except the new coaches 501 to 504 (built by Bombardier), the actual running old coaches where built by ESG (Elektrische Strassenbahn Gesellschaft, Linz) in 1959 and 1955
Literature : Unsere Pöstlingbergbahn by Christian Hager, 1998. A little booklet containing all necessary informations

Operating at 600VDC,
gauge is now (after the renovation) 900mm !
only 4.2 km long
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