RZD ER2 1201flagStantsiya Perovo Stantsiya Perovo

Out of service

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©  Apr 15, 2016






Exposure: 1/640
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal length: 29 mm
ISO: 400
Time: 13:52

Out of service

It was necessary to take a photo very quickly. I felt that the guards were most likely watching. And it happened. I had to hide the camera in my backpack and go to the pedestrian bridge, which is visible in the photo, immediately appeared the security of Russian Railways. They did not notice the camera, but they decided to check me anyway. They asked questions for a long time, eventually they let me go.
@white.dead Maybe they were more concerned about the tank cars?
I guess, if something must not be photographed, then employees don't want to see what's the photo get on the Internet. Suppose there are some violations, the photographer can take a picture of it and post it on the rail fan website. In Russia, part of the sites can be viewed by management and the responsible person can be take reprimanded.
For example, the photographer made shot a some conditional train, which is in reserve. It is assumed that the train at any time can be taken out of the reserve, put in order and that it will be works on the line. According to the documents, he is a worker, and in fact, some parts on this train are removed by unknown people, the train is broken by vandals and is in terrible condition and can not work.Of course, the person responsible for this train does not want me to photograph it and put it on the Internet. He will call for security.
In the case of ER2-1201, it was decommissioned and was sent near this place for cutting into scrap metal. However, she stood there for a long time and was mutilated by vandals. Most likely it had already been cut.
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