NS 186 032flagDorst Dorst

1148 Eindhoven - Den Haag Centraal @ Baarschotsestraat.

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©  May 26, 2018






Exposure: 1/800
Focal length: 34 mm
ISO: 200
Time: 14:46

1148 Eindhoven - Den Haag Centraal @ Baarschotsestraat.

The same photo as here:
Only the loco is different 😞
@EightyFour exactly, you're right. All I have to do now is get the other 60 locomotives on the exact same place too.

Everybody likes different aspects of the hobby. I'm a collector, I collect good pictures of every loco there is, even if they look the same and are in the same spot.
@EightyFour +1
@ddz7504 OK, you are collector, but we are not. It's kind of boring to see dozens of photos from same place.
@EightyFour then don't look at them, It's still your choice to click on them. I already try to vary as much as possible with places but sometimes I just don't have anything else to upload and it's a waste to keep slots open for a long time.

If you don't want to see my kind of pictures, don't click on them 😉
@EightyFour Trainspo is a site which does collect photos of as many locos, control cars and the like as possible. In fact, it is the stated mission of Trainspo to do so. Variety is nice, but there is room for detailed coverage, as well. Please enjoy what Trainspo offers to all! 🙂
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