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New LHB carriages for KSR Bengaluru - Kanyakumari Express

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©  Dec 26, 2018





Canon EOS 1200D

Exposure: 1/400
Aperture: f/8
Focal length: 40 mm
ISO: 100
Time: 12:18

New LHB carriages for KSR Bengaluru - Kanyakumari Express

KSR Bengaluru - Kanyakumari Express aka Island Express , started in 1940 as Bangalore - Cochin Harbour Terminus as slip and became a full train in 1960. In 1972, it got extended to Thiruvananthapuram Central. In 1988 to Nagercoil Jn and then in 1990 to Kanyakumari, current final destination. Earlier it was called as Island Express after the Wellington Island where the Cochin Harbour Terminus situated. On the Christmas day of 2018, it got brand new LHB carriages replacing the aging ICF carriages. Thus a new era began in the history of this legendary train which has touched life of majority of people from Kerala in their travel to Bangalore and other places through which this train passes by.
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