Continental Rail 58 L45flagMonforte del Cid Monforte del Cid

The last C58 in Monforte del Cid.

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Exposure: 1/800
Aperture: f/6.3
Focal length: 98 mm
ISO: 320
Time: 17:48

The last C58 in Monforte del Cid.

Twelve British Rail series 58 locomotives rented to EWS. They are known by the nickname "Bones."
The first two locomotives were rented in order to replace the injured L21 and L24, carrying out their first jobs at the LAV Madrid - Barcelona.
At the end of 2003, with the award of the first lots of the construction of the LAV Córdoba - Málaga, it was necessary to acquire six additional machines.
The last four locomotives reached the base of Requena in October 2008.

Of the 8 that were based in Monforte del cid, on February 1, only this L45 remained. The rest being destroyed.
I remember traveling between Barcelona and Madrid in 2002 and seeing the high speed line being built. Got a bit of a shock to see ex UK Class 37s working there.
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