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A mail train in St Pancras in the days before Eurostar

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A mail train in St Pancras in the days before Eurostar

Great! Station was quite empty back then?
Yes, just 2 Intercity services an hour, all commuter trains went through the Thameslink tunnel underneath the station.
@nick86235 - What sort of traffic levels exist at this station today (not accounting for COVID19)?
Today St Pancras is both the Eurostar terminal for services to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam and fulfils it's traditional role serving the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.
@nick86235 - Thanks for the info!
Man at Seat 61 has a good description of St Pancras today

@nick86235 - Amazing restoration and renewed purpose! Great to see such classic buildings saved and valued.
@Maersk.146, some years back the BBC? made a documentary series that covered the restoration of St Pancras. It’s called the £800m pound station.
@Kempy72 - Thanks, though it appears that BBC is no longer making the series available on the site as listed. Looks interesting, if one could see it...
@Maersk.146 better still, it's on youtube!
@Kempy72 - Sweet! Thanks very much!
@Maersk.146 my pleasure, enjoy!
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